We didn’t expect the honeybees to die

We didn’t listen when they said concrete ate the oxygen

Some wanted to live at full speed

Some did not want to alter their ways

Now what

I will never see a sweet pea again…


It’s two days after Monday

Many vanished nights since I gave my last embrace

A crusade of survival for a glimpse of hope

I walked and limped guided by the sole lights of the dwellings of the damned…

And there, I stood… and there I numbed…


A wonderland city shaped like metastasis, devouring the bleak and tired plains

Vertical dominance, gobbling itself up always furthermore

City of dreadful nights, city of light

Soon I will join the ghostly mole people

Burrowing ourselves through endless dark tunnels

Soon, swallowed I will be, appendage of the city

Soon, the collapse of our significance

Will be the rise of my inconsequence


Motherpolis will provide

Nathalie Vin

Material: Perspex

Dimensions: 97cm x 97cm x 4.5cm

Photography: Lou Smith and Simon Martner