I was invited to exhibit in the region where I grew up in France, a rare opportunity that I couldn't pass by. The edifice dates from the Order of the Templars where 800 years of every day life is still echoing through stoney chambers... Hard to resist!

Never before had I exhibited in a space where darkness was celebrated and used in such a haunting way to exhibit works of art. The exhibition was ambitious in its scenography and matter appeared in a very different light. In my case, this was the perfect exhibition to showcase my latest piece entitled Wonder Where We Land. Here, the piece was given the opportunity to perform, to be over dramatic; presenting its creator with endless surprises! 

The ghost matter effect for you!


Below, an interesting photo I took whilst experimenting with the light in my studio with this latest piece entitled "Wonder Where We Land".  A powerful source of light can suddenly take you on a different journey all together... even me who spent hours designing it and projecting myself in front of the finished artwork, I was far from imagining the endless ghost matter possibilities it would be packed with! I love when a piece never ends to surprise me!

Blog photo.jpg

When light reveals the unexpected!