It was a great honour and privilege to be invited to present my gold creation, The Ripples must be Endless… by the prestigious Italian MUSIWA foundation. The piece was exhibited at the Medici Museum at the Palazzo Medici Riccardi, one of the most important monuments in Florence and a prototype of Renaissance and Baroque architecture. This was a harmonious and eclectic exhibition that included great masters from around the world. The quality of the mosaic work on display was truly magnificent and the gallery often fell silent with marvelling people, gobsmacked not only by the technical prowess but also by the conceptual vision on show.

Made of gold leaf from Venice, the piece reflects, exalts and radiates light. It is the culmination of a meticulous process spanning over a twelve-month period.

"It has been my quest for the past 12 months to create a piece which would reflect, exalt and radiate light like no other. Gold reflects timelessness, the exulted colour associated with the elemental forces. For me, the encrypted partition transmits a melody, a message coming from the core of the universe"

The work will complete its journey at the Villa Paris, the magnificent palace located at Roseto degli Abruzzi from the end of July and up until the end of September 2016.