London was glowing last weekend extending from Thursday into four evenings of pure light and delight! Some of London's most famous locations were transformed into light installations for the "Lumiere festival" which ended on Sunday 17th of January.

One event in particular caught my attention. Ocubo projected The Circus of Light, a magical animated world, onto the side of the Granary Building using the faces of some of the people who live and work in the area.

This nocturnal vision took me back 13 years, to when I set Brighton alight with my own light projections which told the story of some of Brighton's residents and the world famous Royal Pavilion.

The Glow Project as I entitled it was an after-dark multimedia art event where treasured images were contributed by local people and artists and projected on to Adelaide Crescent, a mid 19th century residential development in Hove. The Glow Project tapped into the emotional lives of people who lived behind the walls on which the projections were shinning, illuminating their stories outside in the city.

The Glow project aimed to alter people's lives and perspectives through bringing them together and enabling them to celebrate individual creativity and experiences in a shared setting. 

The following day, I projected a visual narrative onto the Royal Pavilion in Brighton. Projected images, collected from the unseen walls, objects, photos that the building had never revealed to the public before flickered in front of a wide eyed audience. 

Blissful memories