It seems appropriate to unveil 'The Ripples must be Endless...' at this time of the year. 
It has been my quest for the past 12 months to create a piece which would reflect,
exalt and radiate light like no other.

The Ripples must be Endless 1.jpg

To get a slightly more 3-dimensional glimpse of the way that this piece bathes in the light,
you can watch this short video.

My name is Gold, my atomic number is 79, and my Symbol is Au. This comes from the Latin word ‘Aurum’, which means ‘shining or glowing dawn’. I am a key element in the transmittal of electrical signals throughout the body and I am within every one of you.
I amount to 0.2 milligrams of your total body weight.
If form was given to me I would be a solid cube of 0.22 millimeters.

I have been around forever. The Ripples must be Endless…

Made of gold leaf tiles from Orsoni in Venice.
Dimensions: 116 cm x 76 cm x 7.5 cm

Video production - Lou Smith
Photography: Guido Neethling

Music - LSRE - Eight Lines (Live Performance) Vincent Corver and Kevin Griffiths

This series of 10 works is entitled 'Or du temps' 
Like 'The Ripples must be Endless...', they have been created using gold leaf Venetian tiles.