Mosaic Odysseys was a rare encounter between two nations, Greece and The United Kingdom, to collaborate and celebrate the ancient and the contemporary art form. The work of 11 artists was exhibited in London, Athens and Mykonos over the summer months. What I came away with from the exhibition was the different journeys, we the artists, have taken from the traditional (which started in Mesopotamia and most famously in Greece 3000 years ago), to then include our own artistry, influenced by our unique narratives and placement in the world.

I was pleased to exhibit four of my works, "Multiverse", "Or Du Temps" series, "Elsie's Blood On The Snow" and "Lost Cosmos". This exhibition was an intense melting pot of mosaic visions where one could travel through space, into the deep end of the earth, bear witness to the refugee crisis or be welcome into Olympia, home to the Gods... a fascinating odyssey for all!